George, Founder/CEO

Founding Gold Star Houses in 1979, George has led our business to become one of the leaders in developing downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Graduating from a top university, George's unique stylistic approach created opportunities to work for the city's biggest institutions. No slowing down in sight, George is still taking our projects to new heights.


Peter, President

With a background in small town development and investing, Peter quickly adapted to big city business. In 15 years, Peter has moved up the ranks and become our most engaged president.  He has a reputation as a forward thinker and excellent communicator. Peter also spearheads our green design initiative, working to encourage all of our projects to care for the land on which they are built.


Beth, CMO

Graduating from Chicago's finest art school, Beth has knowledge and experience in all facets of the industry. Spearheading marketing campaigns, Beth has made a name for herself with creative publicity events. Beth also manages out community outreach program, helping us take our goal to support growth in the parts of our community that need it the most.